SSi has the technical and financial resources to design and implement conventional and innovative remedial projects that achieve regulatory site closures at environmentally impaired sites.

SSi believes that the remedial solutions we provide must be consistent with our client’s corporate business objectives while also being cost-effective and sustainable. SSi has a track record of successfully remediating sites in urban and residential areas, limited access areas, and sensitive third-party owned sites. We also recognize the need to develop and maintain positive community relationships. We routinely employ conventional remedial methods, emerging innovative technologies, and institutional and engineering controls as tools to achieve the desired endpoints. SSi maintains relationships with a number of specialized practitioners to facilitate the effective use of proprietary and innovative technologies as needed to provide the appropriate means and methods to address project-specific challenges. Services include:


  • Project Planning
  • Remedial Alternatives Analysis/Feasibility Study
  • Laboratory and Field Pilot Studies
  • Remedial Design
  • Remedial Construction Oversight
  • Construction Management
  • Permitting
  • Turn-key Design/Build Services