Vice President/Project Manager/Hydrogeologist

Bryan is a licensed professional geologist with over 20 years of experience supporting the utility industry with strategic risk management and environmental compliance support, contaminated site investigation and remediation services, and environmental management of utility system infrastructure construction and maintenance.  Areas of in-depth expertise include corporate risk management, contaminant migration and delineation in soil and fractured/karst bedrock, hydrology of soil-rock-surface water systems, remedial design and implementation, green remedial alternatives, environmental permitting and construction of gas and electric utility infrastructure, environmental compliance,  and field operations support and environmental awareness training for electric and gas employees and contractors.  Having served a portion of his career as an environmental manager at a US-based utility company, he has developed a diverse professional network and skillsets that are uniquely positioned to support environmental programs for utility companies.   Bryan assisted in the founding of the MGP Consortium and served as Vice Chairman of the organization for the inaugural two years of the group providing developmental leadership and support, and organizing r Consortium events.

Bryan has a degree in Geology and holds Professional Geologist certifications.