SSi utilizes a combination of innovative and conventional technologies in achieving our clients’ objectives. This can often require research into new technologies or new applications of existing technologies. Elements of these studies typically include:

  • Identification of Data Quality Objectives
  • Preparation of a Detailed Work Plan
  • Collection of targeted field data that will be most useful in the identification screening and evaluation of potential remedial technologies
  • Performance of laboratory bench-scale testing to refine the parameters to be implemented for a technology
  • Designing and implementing a pilot study of an appropriate scale and duration to properly evaluate the implementability and constructability.


Silar Services Inc. (SSi) has developed a patented engineered impoundment closure approach that provides a technically sound and lower cost closure option to stakeholders.  This innovative approach can eliminate leaching and reduce geotechnical instability that contributes to impoundment failures. To do so the waste material is hydraulically isolated from the groundwater by constructing a hydraulic barrier at the bottom of the impoundment using engineered in-situ solidification/stabilization (ISS) applications on the waste and/or underlying natural material. These demonstrated ISS applications can also enhance geotechnical stability by increasing embankment strength, reducing saturated conditions and increasing the overall factor of safety for slope failure.

This approach allows  for engineered in-place closure of variety of impoundments including ash while satisfying a broad range of stakeholders. The following pages provide a deeper dive into this innovative technology:WOCA Paper:  In Situ Coal Combustion Products Impoundment Closure Strategy